Restore iPhoto Trash Mac

  • A superior tool for recovering trashed iPhoto files on Mac machines
  • All file formats of pictures, audio, video etc. can be regained in an effortless way
  • Returns an option for the users to preview the retrieved file items
  • Helps in restoring any deleted, lost, formatted or inaccessible file items on Mac


Mac is the best OS in terms of keeping the data secured and also it has the best user interface. The hard disk is used in order to keep the data in Mac and other than this you can also use other mediums like an external hard disk, USB, SSD etc. which are the best medium to keep the data in them. Mac storage device can support different formats of files and give access to them whenever they are required by the user. iPhotos, songs, videos, etc. types of files are all stored in the Mac OS. The very basic task in any OS is to delete the files. People are in good practice to do such a thing. When the files are deleted they are just moved to Trash in Mac OS. Therefore, if in case you want the deleted files from the Trash then you can easily do it by restoring the files from the Trash. But what if you have deleted the files from the Trash and wish to get them those files?  Manually to recover the files deleted from the Trash is almost impossible but alternatively you can perform Mac Trash recovery using the Mac Recovery Software. The software will perfrom iPhoto recovery from Trash and that too very esaily.

Apple Inc is the developer of Mac OS. Each product of the Mac is installed with Mac OS. Software like iPhoto, iTunes, etc. are used for different purposes and they are also designed by the Mac Inc. iPhotos is the software which is used for editing the photos and many other types of action can be performed using the software. If you are using the iPhoto software then you need not to use the other software as it is so powerful to accomplish the task. iPhoto software can be used to manipulate the iPhotos like import, edit, add and delete the iPhotos. iPhoto files are stored in the hard disk of Mac OS and if deleted then are again stored in the Trash. But if the iPhotos are deleted from Trash then you cannot manually restore iPhoto from Trash and you have to search for some means to perform iPhoto recovery from Trash. In case if you want to perfrom iPhoto recovery from Trash those are deleted you have to use the iPhoto Recovery Software. Along with that this app is also capable to recover iPhoto from different Mac machine like iPhone, iPad, iPod and many more. To know more visit this page

The usage of the software can restore iPhoto from Trash within a few minutes. The software in fact is very easy to use. There are certain cases in which iPhotos may go missing from the Trash. But now no worries you need to face as the software is capable to restore iPhoto from Trash whether they are deleted or lost.  Now let’s see what could help you restore iPhoto from Trash/recover iPhotos from Trash.

What condition must be fulfilled to restore iPhoto from Trash/recover iPhotos from Trash: -

  • Storage device must be kept idle after iPhoto are lost or deleted from it. This will keep the iPhotos safe and will avoid it to get overwritten from new files and chances of recovery will be alive

Now, further you can use the iPhoto Recovery Software will take hardly a few minutes to recover the iPhotos from the Mac OS. To use the software is really very easy and rest of the difficulties will be removed by the snapshot.

Restore iPhoto from Trash:

Step 1: Download the exe file and install it on your PC (not in C drive). Run the software and select “Recover Photos” option from the very first screen.

Restore iPhoto from Trash - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen


Step 2: The software pops up the next window. Either select “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option and the software will navigate you to a new window with the list of drives displayed.

Restore iPhoto from Trash - Select Mode Screen

Fig 2: Selection Mode

Step 3: Select the required "Drive" and click “Next” option. On completion of the scanning process it provides you with a list of restored iPhotos. Select the required iPhotos and "Save" recover iPhotos from Trash on your system.

Restore iPhoto from Trash - Choose Drive Screen

Fig 3: Choose Drive

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
and Above