Get Back Lost Data from Trash

  • A comprehensive tool that easily regains lost files from Mac Trash
  • Performs restoration of all formats of files including documents, pictures, audio, video and so on
  • It uses a unique file signature mechanism to search for lost files
  • Well-compatible to run all series of MacBook, iMac, iPods and others


The Mac operating system has the folder called as Trash which stores the information that has been deleted from the computer. This is quite secure as the deleted information can be accessed by the user if he needs to get access to them by just restoring the files to the location in which they were present. Sometimes while going through the files that are loaded in a Trash folder, some accidents may occur or there might be some system fault which leads to the loss of those files that were being viewed. All you can see is that the Trash folder is empty and there are no files left in it. Don’t be upset by this sudden loss of information that has occurred. You can effectively get access to the information that has been present in the Trash folder by using the services of this file recovery tool. Loaded with most outstanding features and highly equipped design, you can easily follow the procedure and recover lost files from Trash Mac. If you want to recover files after secure empty Trash then also it can be done by using the Mac Recovery Software.

Scenarios that cause loss of data from the Trash Folder present in Mac are:

  • Emptying the contents present in the Trash: The user accidentally empties the contents that are present in the Trash folder without going through the files are present in it. This is a huge loss of information as some of the data that was saved in it might have been required by the user at a later stage. Therefore the best thing to do is to check for the essential files are stored in it and then press the empty option.
  • Incomplete restoration process: The files that are present in the Trash folder can be restored to the original destination or to the storage area as desired by the user. Sometimes, when the user is in the process of restoring the files back to the same location or to the different one, there can be an abrupt shutdown of the system, which leads to loss of data that was being processed.

This recovery software has been developed by the services of highly trained software professionals who have developed this application in such a way, that the user finds it very comfortable to recover the lost files from Trash without going through any glitches. This tool loaded with deep scanning engines, which performs rigorous scanning of on the entire drive and gets back all the lost files without missing even a single one. Use the Save recovery Session feature that has been loaded in this application so that you can to save the recovery process at any desired time and resume it at a later stage as desired. You need not scan the entire drive again but just select the saved recovery process and resume the scanning from where it had been stopped. The files which are rescued after the completion of the scanning process can be listed in “Data View” and “File Type View”. File Type provides the view of the files on the basis of the file extensions that are used, and when the user selects the Data View they are changed to hierarchy format.

You capture picture from the camera and store them in the system where they can be viewed and accessed safely. Once the pictures are loaded in the system you just go through them to have a glance. While going through those pictures the user might accidentally click on the shift-delete button which leads to losing all those photos. There is no need to get upset! Just visit this link and get to know how to recover those photos effectively.

Mac OS X Lion is the eight update that was released by this Apple Inc. Of all the previous versions of Mac OS this is loaded with bright new features like Mission Control which is a new dashboard interface, Launchpad provides instant access to all the applications that are present in the system, File Vault security feature which increases the security of your system. Due to some application fault the user ends up losing some files that are saved in the computer. There is no need to worry! You can easily recover files from Lion OS without missing even a single one.

Follow the simple steps to recover lost files from Trash:

Step 1: Download and install the application in the system and from the main screen of the tool click on “Recover Files” option which will be provided to you in the main screen.

Recover Lost Files from Trash Mac - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: In the next screen press the mouse button on “Recover Lost Files” and proceed to select the drive from where the scanning process will be started.

Recover Lost Files from Trash Mac - Choose Drive Screen

Figure B. Select Drive

Step 3: The user has the option to preview the files, before saving them on the desired location as available to the host operating system user.

Recover Lost Files from Trash Mac - Preview Screen

Figure C. Data View

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
and Above