Have you accidentally deleted iTunes songs and want to get back those files?

  • The amazing application that helps in restoring any accidentally deleted iTunes songs on Mac
  • All file formats of pictures, songs, audio, video etc. are well-supported
  • Built with powerful recovery engine that scans the Mac volume and extracts all files from it
  • Instantly retreives file items and avail them for a preview


ITunes is a media player application used in Mac OS X system. This application is developed by Apple and helps the users to connect directly to the iTunes store to download and listen to their favourite songs. You can even download and see videos as this application will support the audio, video as well as applications.

As iPod users are growing day by y wish to listen. It depends on the device storage capacity that the number of songs which can be stored. However, the songs stored in these devices have chances of getting deleted or lost from various harmful means. All you can do in such cases of data loss is go for a recovery tool which is designed for iTunes song recovery. When the matter of data recovery tool comes you have to select and use the best one which is worth your money you pay. One such tool is iTunes recovery which gives the best recovery result. To know more about this product just read this page. You can also read this article if you are looking to get back songs and any other data from the emptied Mac Trash.

Reasons for loss of iTunes songs:

  • Virus infection: During the busy schedule of our life we don’t even try to check out our personal computer and other devices to install and keep a regular update of antivirus software to protect our files against virus attack. We just open our systems do the necessary task and close it. If we carry on like this then its sure that the all your files may be infected by these harmful programs and end up in files loss. In extreme conditions it causes the system crash and the hardware damage.
  • Auto synchronisation: When you perform an activity like auto synchronization the files get synchronized with iPod’s iTunes library and system’s iTunes library. In situations like this if you delete songs from your iPod iTunes library then after the completion of synchronisation process the files get deleted from systems iTunes library as well and cause the loss of music files.
  • Perform factory restoration: Performing factory restoration on iPod makes the iPod process fast and smooth. When the users perform such task it clears the flash memory and deletes all the music files stored on it. Most of the times, the users forget to create a backup of files before performing such task and they end up in situations where they are left with none of the files.

This software is designed by professional experts keeping all the possible data loss scenarios in the mind and recover files accidentally deleted from trash.

iTunes Recovery is best recommended among the current software available in the market. Its supports data recovery from popularly used storage devices like hard drive, memory cards, IPods and flash drives. This software can restore images from trash mac and in addition even all basic file types.

Additionally, it performs a trash recovery on mac for files that are accidentally or manually deleted by users. The files recovered retain its attributes even after the recovery process completion. This tool helps to recover trash on Mac lion and other latest Mac operating systems. The ITunes songs can be recovered from iPods, hard drive, memory cards and from all iTunes music player supported devices.

Sometimes the user may accidentally delete document present in the system while viewing them using CMD + DELETE option which moves the files to trash. After somedays unknowingly the user may empty the Trash folder & later find out that some of the important documents have been deleted from the system. Go to this page to get information on how to recover them.

Trash is the folder which is present in all the Mac operating systems. This folder stores the deleted information from different parititions that are present in the system. Due to certain scenarios the files get lost from the folder and the user is left with nothing but an empty folder. Don't worry! You can esily recover lost files from the Trash folder.

Note: This iTune recovery software has the ability to get back deleted or lost images from iPhone from various HFS and HFSX file system. To know more in detail how to recover deleted/lost images from the Mac machine, vist here https://www.trashrecoverymac.com/iphoto.html.

Procedure to recover files deleted from trash on Mac:

Step 1: Launch the software and click on “Recover Photos” option from the first window it pops up.

Trash Recovery Mac - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: When the second window is displayed select “Recover Deleted Photos” option from it. On performing the selection the software asks you to select the drive from where you deleted the file. Select the required drive and click the “Next” option.

Trash Recovery Mac - Choose Drive Screen

Figure B. Choose Drive Screen

Step 3: The software performs a recovery process and displays a window with the list of recovered files. Select the file and save it on any location of choice.

Trash Recovery Mac - Preview Screen

Figure C. Select the Preview Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
and Above