Get Back Trash Documents

  • The highly advanced tool for restoring trashed documents on Mac machine with ease
  • Uses sophisticated algorithms that deep scan the volumes and extract all files from it
  • Document file formats like text, spreadsheets, presentaton files etc. can be instantly retrieved
  • It also avails an option for the users to preview the recovered documents

Trash is the folder which is present in all the versions of Mac operating systems. This folder was created to store all the files which are deleted from the system. This is a safe place provided to the user so that you can restore those deleted files just in case you need them to perform certain tasks. Sometimes it may happen that the user might delete those files and accordingly empties the Trash folder which thereby leads to permanent loss of all the files. Now even if the user wants to get back those files he cannot access them as the files have been removed from the system. If this is the case in which you are stuck up, calm down. Those files are not erased from the system completely in such a way that it cannot be rescued back. With the help of file recovery application you can get those files back in a short period of time and hence can easily preview them before saving it to a known location. In order to recover the deleted files after secure empty Trash you have to use the Recovery Software, use this to get the best software.

Some of the reasons which are in common for losing the documents from the Trash folder are:

  • Empty the Trash Folder: Unknowingly emptying the contents of the Trash folder may lead to loss of document files that were stored in it. To maximize the space of the hard drive or to add some huge files in the systems you may empty the document that is saved in the Trash folder without even checking them once.
  • Accidentally Deleting Trash Doc: This scenario might also come into picture when the user while going through the document files which are stored in the folder accidentally presses the delete key which completely removes the file from the trash folder.

Using the advanced services of this file recovery tool you can know how to get back documents from Trash. Developed with the help of most advanced software professionals this application has been loaded with most advanced features and an exciting graphical user interface using which you can get back list of all the files that were removed from that Trash folder quite easily and list them on the basis of file name, size of the file, date in which the file was created and different file extensions for that particular document file. It’s been equipped with Mac Universal Binary Application which helps this tool to support both Intel and PowerPC hardware platforms respectively. Provided with the Save Recovery Session option you can stop the recovery process at any time and resume it at a later stage when required. Hence the user need not waste his time by rescanning the entire drive again. View the recovered data in Mac finder styled interface after them with the help of this software.

As a result of certain reasons some of the files that are present in your Mac operating system get deleted resulting in loss of all the important information that was stored in it. Need not worry! Go to this link provided to get all the details about how to recover them.

Various formats of pictures are stored in the system which can be accessed and viewed as an when required by the user. Photos get lost from the system when there is some application fault or some error in any one of the files that are present in it. Don't worry! You can easily recover lost photos from Mac operating system quiet easily.

Trash is the folder present in all the Mac operating systems which stores the files that are deleted from the system. This is quite helpful as the user can get back access to the deleted files if he desires to. All he needs to do is to select the file using the restore option to restore it to particluar location. Sometimes during this restoration process the system shuts down abruptly leading to loss of that important information that was saved. There is no need to get upset! Just get into this link and follow the simple procedure provided.

Follow these steps to get back your documents from Trash

Step 1: Launch the application from the system and from the main screen of the tool click on “Recover Files” option and hence proceed with the recovery process.

How to Get Back Documents from Trash - Main window

Fig A. Select Recover Files

Step 2: From the next screen click on “Recover Deleted Files” and hence select the drive from where the deletion has occurred. The software then proceeds to scan the chosen drive.

How to Get Back Documents from Trash - Select Mode Window

Fig B. Select Recover Deleted Files

Step 3: Preview the recovered files before saving them on the desired location which is available to the host operating system.

How to Get Back Documents from Trash - Preview Screen

Fig C. Preview the Recovered Files


For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
and Above