Best Software for Recovering Deleted Files from Mac Trash

You have deleted some of the files from Mac system by considering them as not required for you. And then deleted all files or completely emptied from Trash. But later you realized that some of the important files were deleted along with unwanted files. Now the time is gone that you cannot find the deleted files in Trash. But still it is possible to bring back those deleted files from Trash using Mac Trash recovery software. It is industry recommended software for recovering deleted Trash from Mac system. You can recover files deleted from Trash just by following a few steps given in the software.

Trash folder is used on Mac computer for keeping deleted files temporarily. Therefore you can restore deleted files from Trash when you need them. You can also empty the Trash to make free space for saving new files. Unfortunately, many users delete files or emptying Trash accidentally. Some people may also use Command + delete option to remove files that doesn’t move into the Trash. In such case, you can recover files from emptied Trash using Mac Trash recovery program. It can recover deleted photos, videos, music, documents, etc. If you want more information on how to recover deleted videos from Trash, then you can visit here -

Why the files are recoverable even after deleting them or emptying Trash?

When you delete a file from Mac Trash, actually it is not deleted. The link that is pointing to the file is removed from the file allocation table. Without this information, the Mac OS cannot access the file even if it is staying on hard drive. The space occupied by this file is made as free for overwriting new files. Therefore, you can retrieve deleted file until that space is not used for fresh data.

Precautions to recover deleted files from Mac Trash

  • Stop using your Mac system as soon as you realized some of the important files are deleted from Trash
  • Do not install any application or avoid performing tasks on hard drive
  • Download and install recovery software on a drive other than the one from which you want to recover deleted files

Best features of this software responsible for recovering deleted files from Mac Trash

  • It is designed by advanced algorithms to find deleted files on Mac
  • It will scan entire hard drive using inbuilt scanning algorithm to restore deleted files
  • It can identify all types of deleted files based on unique signatures
  • It is compatible for recovering deleted files from HFS+ and HFSX Mac volumes
  • It is capable to recover deleted files along with their original names without damaging the content from them.

This software is user-friendly for both professionals and normal users. It is very easy to execute since all recovery steps are self – descriptive. You can use it on Mac OS X 10.5, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. You can also estimate deleted file recovery result using demo version of this software. It will provide you the preview of recovered files along with file signatures.

Procedure for recovering deleted files from Mac Trash

Step1: Run Mac Trash recovery software on your computer and select “Recover Files” option from the main window as shown in Figure 1.

Recommended Software for Recovering Deleted Trash from Mac - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main window

Step2: From the next screen choose “Recover Deleted Files” option as shown in Figure 2.

Recommended Software for Recovering Deleted Trash from Mac - Recover Deleted Files

Figure 2. Recover Deleted Files

Step3: Now select drive from which you are looking to recover deleted files and wait until it is scanning for deleted files. Once it is done, you can use “File Type View” option to view recovered file types before saving as shown in Figure 3.

Recommended Software for Recovering Deleted Trash from Mac - Preview Screen

Figure 3. Preview Screen

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
and Above